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The West Central Arkansas Society for Human Resource Management (WCASHRM) association was organized in 1987 to encourage the exchange of ideas in human resource (HR) management and to promote the growth and development of sound human resource practices in business and the community.

“Members of WCASHRM are local professionals who are involved in the management, administration, development or study of human resources.” "Our membership area consists of Hot Springs, Hot Springs Village, Malvern, Arkadelphia, Glenwood, Benton, and the surrounding areas."

The primary purpose of WCASHRM is to be a recognized leader in human resource management by providing high quality, dynamic and responsible programs and services to its’ members; actively supporting or opposing legislation or other matters based upon employer needs and professional goals; and establishing relationships within the community that will make a positive impact and contribution to the quality of life for the community.

WCASHRM is the local affiliated chapter of the national Society of Human Resource Management organization, the world’s largest association devoted to HR management. SHRM’s mission is to serve the needs of the HR professional and advance the HR profession.

SHRM members, who join our local chapter and designate WCASHRM as their primary chapter with SHRM pay NO WCASHRM DUES. Yes, that means it is FREE TO JOIN!  (Or join both only paying the SHRM membership fee and then completing our membership application.)

Local chapter members (non-SHRM members) pay $45 (before March 31st) or $60 (after March 31st). Cost is reduced if joining in the last quarter of the year. Email [email protected] for cost.

WCASHRM meets at 11:30 a.m. the last Tuesday of each month at CHI St. Vincent Medical Center in the McCauley Room. Each meeting includes lunch, discussion of HR matters, and a guest speaker of HR interest. Guests are always welcome. Potential members are free for their first meeting. (Note: April and July are 8:00 a.m. breakfast meetings.)

For more information about WCASHRM, visit our website at or email [email protected] or [email protected].


Membership in the Association shall be granted to individuals based upon the following categories and their respective qualifications:

Professional Members - Those persons who are employed with responsibility, or oversight, in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Employment, placement and human resource planning;
  2. Education, training and development;
  3. Compensation and benefits;
  4. Health, safety and security;
  5. Employee and labor relations;
  6. Human resource research;
  7. Individuals in non-exempt human resource positions but are responsible for assisting or actively involved in any of the above described areas.
  8. Any other person who has an interest in HR or HR related duties.

Professional members shall pay dues, may serve on the Executive Board, and may vote on affairs requiring a vote of the membership.

Professional membership status may be retained while in transition between employers if in accordance with the WCASHRM Policies and Procedures.

Non-Practicing Professional - Those persons who have previously fulfilled the qualifications for Professional membership, but do not qualify for Honorary membership.

Non-Practicing Professional members shall pay dues, but may not serve on the Executive Board, and may not vote on affairs requiring a vote of the membership.

Student Members - Those persons currently enrolled full-time in an undergraduate or graduate institution with a declared major in business administration or human resource management, as verified by the Chairman of that program of study.

Student Membership status shall remain valid for a period of 12 months following graduation provided that Student Member dues are paid. Upon gaining full-time qualifying employment, a Student Member must apply for membership with the Association as a Professional Member.

Student members shall pay dues, but may not serve on the Executive Board, and may not vote on affairs requiring a vote of the membership.

Honorary Membership

  1. Those persons who have held paid Professional Membership status in the Association for at least ten (10) continuous years, and who no longer receive compensation for the practice of any activities defined as the qualifications for Professional Members.
  2. Those persons who are recognized by the Executive Board as having made an exemplary, personal, and non-self-serving contribution to the furtherance of the goals of the Association.

Honorary Members are exempt from the payment of dues, but may not serve on the Executive Board, and may not vote on affairs requiring a vote of the membership.


Each membership in the Association must be approved by the Executive Board following submission of a completed membership application and those membership dues required in the WCASHRM Policies and Procedures to the Vice President for Membership for verification of qualifications.

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