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What is the cost to join West Central Arkansas (WCASHRM)?

FREE! $0 for SHRM Members who designate WCASHRM as their primary chapter.

$40 for SHRM Members who designate another chapter as your primary chapter.

$60 if not a SHRM member.

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What is the cost to join the Society for Human Resource Management?

$219 Annually

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What do the package deals include?

Package deals include WCASHRM Chapter Dues, Seminar & Meals!  

Will your Company only pay one membership?

Then pay your SHRM dues, and take advantage of free membership with WCASHRM. Members who designate WCASHRM as their primary chapter with SHRM will have their WCASHRM membership dues waived. Please provide us with your primary email used for SHRM and SHRM ID# on your membership application.  


Become a member now and enjoy membership through December 31, 2020! Take advantage of the early bird rate and join before 3/31 each year.  


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Complete the application, then email, fax or mail per the instructions on the form. Then email us your primary email registered with SHRM to [email protected],  so that we can process the WCASHRM membership.


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Complete the application, then email, fax or mail per the instructions on the form.

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Why Should I Join WCASHRM

The purpose of WCASHRM is to encourage the exchange of ideas in human resource management and to promote the growth and development of sound human resource practices in business and community.

WCASHRM values you and helps you meet your professional goals including:

  • An opportunity to network on a monthly basis with local HR professionals.
  • Regular legislative updates in the industry, community, state and federal levels.
  • Recertification credits at our chapter meetings and annual Managers’ Seminar.
  • Monthly topics that are relevant and of concern to Human Resource professionals.
  • Monthly newsletters with information relating to the chapter, SHRM and HR industry.
  • Participation in local workforce readiness activities.
  • Certification study groups.
  • The opportunity to post jobs at no cost on our website.
  • A chance to be part of one of the best local SHRM chapters in the state.

Local chapter dues are pro-rated in the 3rd quarter. Email [email protected] for cost.

Questions? Email [email protected] or [email protected]. Need more info? Go to About Us.


Better Together
SHRM Membership and Chapter Membership are the Perfect Combination

Advance your career with SHRM Membership and gain access to:

  • Downloadable Tools & Templates
  • Expert HR Knowledge Advisors
  • Current News on Trending HR Topics
  • Legal & Compliance Resources

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SHRM professional membership is $219.

Who Can Join our Chapter?

Membership in the Association shall be granted to individuals based upon the following categories and their respective qualifications:

Professional Members
Professional members shall pay dues, may serve on the Executive Board, and may vote on affairs requiring a vote of the membership. Those persons who are employed with responsibility, or oversight, in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Employment, placement and human resource planning;
  2. Education, training and development;
  3. Compensation and benefits;
  4. Health, safety and security;
  5. Employee and labor relations;
  6. Human resource research;
  7. Individuals in non-exempt human resource positions but are responsible for assisting or actively involved in any of the above described areas.
  8. Any other person who has an interest in HR or HR related duties.

Professional membership status may be retained while in transition between employers if in accordance with the WCASHRM Policies and Procedures.

Non-Practicing Professional 
Those persons who have previously fulfilled the qualifications for Professional membership, but do not qualify for Honorary membership. Non-Practicing Professional members shall pay dues, but may not serve on the Executive Board, and may not vote on affairs requiring a vote of the membership.

Student Members
Those persons currently enrolled full-time in an undergraduate or graduate institution with a declared major in business administration or human resource management, as verified by the Chairman of that program of study. Student Membership status shall remain valid for a period of 12 months following graduation provided that Student Member dues are paid. Upon gaining full-time qualifying employment, a Student Member must apply for membership with the Association as a Professional Member. Student members shall pay dues, but may not serve on the Executive Board, and may not vote on affairs requiring a vote of the membership.

Honorary Membership
Those persons who have held paid Professional Membership status in the Association for at least ten (10) continuous years, and who no longer receive compensation for the practice of any activities defined as the qualifications for Professional Members. Those persons who are recognized by the Executive Board as having made an exemplary, personal, and non-self-serving contribution to the furtherance of the goals of the Association. Honorary Members are exempt from the payment of dues, but may not serve on the Executive Board, and may not vote on affairs requiring a vote of the membership.

Application for Membership

Each membership in the Association must be approved by the Executive Board following submission of a completed membership application and those membership dues required in the WCASHRM Policies and Procedures to the Vice President for Membership for verification of qualifications.

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Member Companies

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